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#332 - Explosive Payload
Explosive Payload
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Maladministrator Explosive Payload
Monday November 19, 2007
Posted by Maladministrator
Poor Orneryboy gets pantsed in front of everyone, and the dank, lurking terror is unleashed.
Michael Musing
Monday November 19, 2007
Posted by Michael
I apologize for the late strip today, and for missing a strip a couple weeks ago. I really need to get into a better routine for updating. I often put off doing the strip until Sunday afternoon, which is never usually a problem, but recently it's coincided with some pretty bleak moods. When I'm feeling happy, I love making the comic. But when I'm juggling the rest of my life and dropping half the balls, the comic starts to feel more like an obligation, and I get bitter.

I've been thinking lately that it's been more than five years since I started doing this comic, and that maybe I should figure out where I'm going with all this. In the past I've felt that Orneryboy was best kept as my hobby, with no expectations placed on it other than my own creative fulfillment. As such, there was no real plan, and I rarely promoted the comic. But now I'm wondering if perhaps with a little more work and lot more promotion, I could actually make a living doing this.

I've always dismissed the idea in the past, because that's just the kind of self-defeating personality I have. But I'm thinking, if I didn't have to do as much freelance work to support myself, I could update Orneryboy more consistently, not to mention more often.

I think I really need to give this idea more thought.
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