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#500 - Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea
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Maladministrator Lost at Sea
Monday April 16, 2012
Posted by Maladministrator
It's my 500th Orneryboy strip, and in keeping with tradition, Jen has written the script this week.
Michael Update
Sunday July 22, 2012
Posted by Michael
Today is the 10 year anniversary of Orneryboy.

Even though I havenít posted a new strip in months, I couldnít let this day slip by without at least letting everyone know that Iím still alive. Whenever I go this long without posting, itís usually because Iím depressed, or because Iím in the hate phase of my love/hate relationship with the comic. But Iím happy to report that there are only GOOD reasons for my absence this time around.

Firstly, Jen and I are going to have a SON! Crazy times. Seriously, I never wanted kids. So Iím pleasantly surprised to find myself incredibly happy and excited about this, and I canít wait to meet him. Somewhat appropriately, heís due to arrive around Halloweíen.

Secondly, Jen and I are moving! We werenít planning to, especially with the baby well on his way, but the opportunity to buy a great house out in the country came along, so we took it. Weíre both tired of living in suburbia, and weíre really excited to finally be moving somewhere peaceful and quiet.

Anyway, with all this going on, Iíve been insanely busy the past few months. In addition to a larger than usual pile of freelance work, Iíve been doing a lot of fixing up around the house. At first it was because I wanted the house to look nice for when the baby came, but now itís because we have to SELL the house, and SOON!

Where does this leave Orneryboy? Well, In case my long absence hasnít made it obvious already, with all the exciting things happening in my life right now, Iím a little distracted. But once the dust settles, Iíll probably return to it. I canít say exactly when though, because Iím entering a lot of uncharted life territory here.

So the comic isnít dead, just buried alive. Iíll dig it up again someday.
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