About Orneryboy

Orneryboy is a comic about a bitter, angry guy who lives in a spooky old house in suburbia with his terminally happy girlfriend, their pet zombie, and their two cats. It is a domestic romantic comedy, set against a backdrop of slapstick horror. It is published more or less weekly, and has been running on and off since July 22, 2002.

Though some strips can be read individually, Orneryboy consists mainly of serialized story arcs, and occasionally I like to experiment with using flashbacks and non-linear storytelling. So to get the most out of the comic, I recommend starting with the first strip and reading it in chronological order. Also, many strips contain animated or interactive elements, which can only be viewed if you have the Flash plugin.

About Me

Hi, I'm Michael Lalonde. I make all this! I live with my wife Jen and our two cats, Soya Sauce and Miso, in suburban Ontario, Canada. I work from home as a freelance game designer. In addition to my day job and this comic, I also design merchandise for Sick On Sin, which is Jen's online clothing and accessories store.

In my spare time I like making art, building things, listening to and making music, reading books and comics, watching horror movies, playing video and board games, and just hanging out at home with Jen. I also dabble in playing the drums and turntables, working with stained glass, and woodcarving. I love doing anything creative, and I'm always trying to learn new things.

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